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New talents are a basis for future growth

s10比赛下注We have a need to recruit talents in order to renew, and support generational and cultural change. In addition, we need great minds to innovate and develop future products and solutions for all our businesses and functions.

s10比赛下注A new working world requires a new generation of minds. A generation that is agile, innovative and looks beyond fossil-based materials and towards renewable options.



A graduate programme built for the future

The UPM Graduate Programme is a twelve-month tailored journey to gain international experience of different businesses and functions in UPM. Learning happens during assignments at work, face-to-face learning modules and from peers. Each graduate will have their own nominated mentor. During the programme graduates learn to develop their leadership skills, ensure personal growth, energy and capability.

s10比赛下注The UPM Graduate Programme gives an exciting start for the career with many opportunities for future development.

s10比赛下注We hope the graduates continue their career with UPM after the programme.



Grow with Biofore

s10比赛下注UPM takes on several graduates each year, offering unique positions in businesses or functions. Positions are based in several countries and during the programme the graduates gain experience by working abroad and in assignments.

s10比赛下注We want to make sure that the way we work and lead is constantly in line with our ambitious targets. Our leadership culture encourages people in personal growth and self development, and our values – trust and be trusted, achieve together, renew with courage – are visible in our everyday work. We are inspired by the limitless opportunities of the bioeconomy and we lead the way towards a future beyond fossils.


UPM Graduate Programme

  • Opportunity to make a meaningful difference
  • Tailored personal development in a global company
  • Build personal network globally
  • Own mentor
  • Starting a journey towards a future beyond fossils

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