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Innovating for a future beyond fossils

博亚体育官网We aim to replace non-renewable materials with renewable, recyclable and low-impact alternatives - the main drivers for bioeconomy.


Our focus areas


Sustainability and circular economy are at the heart of innovations at UPM. We leverage new ideas and develop new business and products from renewable raw materials for a future that will be less reliant on fossil-based materials. 



Innovations in action

博亚体育官网It’s exciting to think of all the innovations turned into viable products and businesses. Here are some examples.



Partner with us

博亚体育官网We are looking for partners around the world to develop ground-breaking new innovations and explore interesting commercial opportunities.


博亚体育官网We collaborate with a diverse group of partners: customers, inventors, universities, start-ups, research institutes, manufacturers and technology suppliers.


博亚体育官网Digitalization especially in the customer interface is one of our key focus areas where we are looking for new partners.

Got interested?

博亚体育官网Circular economy, replacing fossil materials and digitalization are key focus areas for us. If you are interested in collaboration, please contact us.


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