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Safety induction

Our goal at UPM is to be the industry leader in health and safety. We want to make every day a safe working day, and we have set an objective of zero fatal and serious accidents. We strive to reduce and eliminate accidents through continuous improvement and effective risk management. UPM Safety induction is a big part of our safety work.


博亚体育官网We want to ensure the safety of both our own employees and our contractors. Our business partners and their employees on our sites are required to adopt our safe work practices and to comply with the rules and standards we have established. UPM expects its professional contractors to actively participate in hazard identification and proactive safety reporting. 

博亚体育官网Before accessing a UPM production site, contractors get UPM safety training demonstrating our basic safety requirements, a job specific safety induction, and a permit to work.

UPM safety standards and rules apply for all suppliers

Our business partners and their employees on our sites are required to comply with the rules and standards we have established for ourselves: 

博亚体育官网We involve a cross section of employees in planning and risk assessment activities and we ensure safety through effective risk control measures.

博亚体育官网We have a process of collecting safety data from our organization in order to recognize the root causes of incidents and learn how to prevent them in the future.

博亚体育官网We act fast in correcting identified safety issues or vulnerabilities.

博亚体育官网We train our personnel and contractors on safe working practices and our requirements for safety.

We regularly audit and evaluate all safety processes and programs to continuously improve our performance.

We do not tolerate drugs or alcohol in our working environment. Additionally, as of 1 January 2013 UPM becomes a non-smoking workplace in Finland. The non-smoking rule applies to everybody working on UPM premises, including visitors, suppliers and subcontractors.



Safety induction

UPM Safety Induction tool presents and demonstrates the basic Safety requirements - the safety related topics that you need to be aware of when performing your work.

博亚体育官网The induction course consists of different modules:

  • UPM General Safety induction which covers globally applicable safety topics.
  • Site specific module which covers local safety topics in more detail.
  • Contractor safety training module which covers applicable UPM safety standards´ requirements (module is required for contractor employees in Finland in some business areas – module will be visible on the personal course list after registration)